Chocolate Doom autobuilds

These are daily builds of Chocolate Doom. The latest build was made on Fri Sep 30 03:36:32 2022 and built from commit bbc6c36a2707dc1c8515eb721ee1f7f95992c0b9. You can also view the build log.


chocolate-doom-20220930-win32.zipDoom binaries
chocolate-heretic-20220930-win32.zipHeretic binaries
chocolate-hexen-20220930-win32.zipHexen binaries
chocolate-strife-20220930-win32.zipStrife binaries

Crispy Doom

You can also download builds of Crispy Doom. The latest build was made on Fri Sep 30 05:16:19 2022 and built from commit 9828bf1fd1989d8bc765ad02516001f7724de64d. You can also view the build log.

crispy-doom-20220930-win32.zipDoom binaries
crispy-heretic-20220930-win32.zipHeretic binaries
crispy-hexen-20220930-win32.zipHexen binaries

Antivirus FAQ

Q: My antivirus says that these downloads are infected with a virus. Should I be concerned?
A: No. These are false positives. Your antivirus is broken. Please switch to a different antivirus product.

Q: Are you sure that these files aren't infected?
A: Yes. The autobuilds on this page are built on Linux, so it isn't even possible for the machine to be infected with a Windows virus.

Q: Why can't you just fix this problem?
A: Even if we were to waste time trying to figure out the reason for these false matches and hack together a fix, the same problem could easily come back when the signature tables are updated. So it would be a continual process of fighting with garbage antivirus products to try to convince them that the files are safe. This is a huge frustrating waste of time that would be better spent improving Choco and Crispy.